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If your child does not have a shelf with an interesting collection of children’s literature books, then it is time you did some serious online shopping. If you want to see your child grow up with an interest in books and reading, then the best time to start is in his early years. While rattles and blocks can amuse your baby to a great extent, picture books are something you must include in your baby’s room. These, you can replace with the choicest collection of children’s literature books as your child grows and starts going to school. Because, trust me, a child who knows about the bond between Athos, Porthos and Aramis and the adventures of Mowgli will grow up to be a lot more thoughtful and smarter than a child who doesn’t.

Choosing the right books for your child One of the first things that a mother needs to do while choosing children’s literature books for her child is determining her child’s tastes. What is your child normally attracted to? What are the things he likes? Does he love animals? Does he love robots? Is he adventurous? Or is he more social? So, if your child is into adventure, series like The Secret Seven, The Famous Five and The Hardy Boys are what your child will love. The Nancy Drew series are especially appealing to young girls who love detective stories and adventure. On the other hand, if your little girl is someone who loves fashion and other girly stuff, series like The Malory Towers and The Naughty Girl series by Enid Blyton are something she is going to love. So, ensuring that you choose children’s literature books that go in line with your child’s tastes is very important if you want your child to develop an interest in reading.

The importance of verse books on your child’s shelf Verses are one of the best ways of introducing your little ones to reading. Unlike stories that require in-depth reading, rhymes are more musical and nice to sound, something that your child will love. The repetition involved in the recitation of rhymes helps in building memory. Rhymes also go a long way in increasing confidence in shy kids, as they forget their inhibitions and join the group in reciting a rhyme together. You can have a look at the range of children’s literature books online with rhymes that your child will love. A few among them are The Golden Ball, Archie And The Red Wool and Ten Moonstruck Piglets.

Shopping for children’s literature books online You have a range of children’s literature books online that you can choose for your kids. Series like The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, The Naughtiest Girl and Malory Towers will help your child get along better with his peers in school while books by writers like Judy Blume will help your child with problems related to family. Apart from this, you also have collections of short stories, dramas and so much more. Exploring children’s literature books online is so much fun. In fact, you are soon going to love this genre too.

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