Why Self Confidence is Important For Great Leadership – Five Traits Confident Leaders Should Have

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Confidence separates average leaders from great leaders. Leaders are expected to make tough decisions. Leaders without confidence stand on shaky ground and lose the respect of the people they are leading. People do not trust or want to follow leaders who lack confidence. On the other hand, leaders with self confidence garner the respect of the people they are leading because of their decisiveness.

Are you a confident leader? Here are five traits that you can gauge this by.


Effective communication is one of the keys to being a confident leader. Confident leaders do not have to feed their egos by speaking down to those they are leading. They speak with authority and knowledge. They listen, share information and ensure that there is clarity between him/her and those who are being lead.

Making Decisions

Confident leaders do not second themselves – they make decisions based on the information on hand, their vision and their instinct. If the end result was not the desired outcome – they take responsibility for the decision and the outcome – learn from it – move on and optimistically make another decision.

Intelligent Risk Taking

Taking intelligent risks, saying what others dare not say, doing what has never been done before – is one of the signs of a confident leader. He/she will courageously take intelligent risks and forge new frontiers – creating opportunities and finding solutions. With each intelligent risk taking the confident leader becomes more and more confident.


Optimism is the fuel that keeps great leaders focused on the goals for their vision. They know that in spite of challenges, obstacles, hurdles and so called failures, that showing optimism, backed by a specific action plan (not meaningless feel good words) is what good leadership is all about – leadership that empowers.

Say no to arrogance

Great leaders know there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance and they err on the side of confidence. In general people despise those with power and arrogance. You will fall quickly from the ranks with an attitude of arrogance.

Confidence is the foundation of great leadership – do you need to build yours today?

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