Why Awareness Is The Key Principle To Understand Yourself?

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I understand that principle of self-understanding, awareness and other related subjects could easily sway us to the discussion of philosophy, God and religion, but that is not my intention here. However, the way you interpret this whole issue, from wherever you are from, is totally up to you.

I just want to keep the discussion wide open.

After years of following intelligent discussion, in regards to understanding oneself, I finally come to the conclusion that the key principle to understanding is by being aware.

I probably make this sound easy, but it is easy only in hindsight. It was confusing when I got tangled up with all the materials: discussions, write up and journals; while trying to understand the concept.

Multiply that with all the continents, belief system and spiritual concepts that are being preach all over the world and things get even more intricate.

And probably that is just the way it should be.

When I understand ‘awareness’, the first thing I notice is I no longer make reference from outside in. I can always see that whatever happens is actually from inside-out, where I create the meaning, and tag it to the events.

Once I have tag an event with some meaning, which I created, I find myself responded to it accordingly, like when I lose my job a few years ago. I interpret the event as ‘a new beginning’, rather than ‘it is the end’, and I respond positively to it.

The same goes with other life events that are taking place right now.

If we are aware of what is going on, and we choose to give meaningful, positive and encouraging meaning to it, we will find that our response will follow accordingly. But everything begins by being aware, and not goes through it unconsciously.

Never get caught ever again inside the maze of principles to understand yourself. Just be aware of things around you: the sound of your breathing, its heaviness, and the heart beat; and know that you exist.

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