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Remember when, BC, you’d go for a quick drink after work that would spiral into a crazy, spontaneous night out? I went out last night and had such a fun time that it really took me back to those days. I met with my friends Paul and Lee at The Phoenix Club for a drink, then we decided we fancied Mexican for tea so we set off across Soho to reach Wahaca but en route we passed a sex shop which Lee insisted was a Mexican restaurant (I am posing by the door, above). We didn’t believe him so marched down the stairs to check only to find racks of porn mags and two ladies. Lee said, ‘Hello, we’ve come to see some naked ladies!’ I was horrified. The lady replied, ‘Well sorry, we’ve only got Mexican food!’ I was so astonished I had to go downstairs again to see the restaurant that was masquerading as a sex shop. It turned out to be super cool and edgy – so cool, in fact, that it was fully booked til 11pm. It’s called La Bodega Negra and is on our list for next time! 


We had margeritas and food at Wahaca, then had a call from the Metro features team to say that we had to come to Jamie Oliver’s party near Waterstones. The slight problem was that I misinterpreted this, wrongly (possibly slightly tipsily, I couldn’t possibly say) assuming that it was a book signing at Waterstones. We headed over, zoomed up in the lift and found ourselves at a signing party on the fourth floor. Only just as we were ordering three glasses of red we realised none of our friends were there. We were meant to be at Jamie’s new outpost of Barbecoa in Piccadilly, a few doors down. So we hot-footed it there where the champagne and cocktails were flowing (and I mean flowing!) and the food was incredible (burgers, slow-cooked ribs, oysters etc.) and I got to kiss Jamie Oliver on both cheeks and get a snap with him. Boom! 

So there it is, sometimes it’s good to let your hair down. Book a sitter if you have to, but you have to do it!

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