When Diminished Male Organ Sensitivity Leads to Delayed Seed Release

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Men who are cognizant of the myriad issues that affect male organ health know that diminished male organ sensitivity is not an issue most men want to have. While it’s true that having a male organ sensitivity that produces a “hair trigger” response is not necessarily desirable, those men who suffer from a perilously low degree of manhood sensitivity may run the risk of enduring delayed seed release – a situation in which seed release and climax is postponed to a degree which can be frustrating, to say the least.

A genuine problem

Most men enjoy the image of themselves as a perpetual sensual machine that can thrust away for hours and bring pleasure to dozens of women without breaking a sweat. And sure, it’s a nice fantasy – but the reality is that few men want to be in a position where they have to work incredibly hard in order to bring about a release. That’s especially true when all their efforts fail and they end up working a painfully tumescent member for hours without anything (personally) to show for it.

But is this a real problem? Do such men exist whose sensitivity is so low that egregiously delayed seed release is the norm for them? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Exactly how many men are afflicted in this manner is unclear; reliable sensual statistics are notoriously hard to come by. But even if only 1% of men have this problem, that translates into millions of men dealing with the issue.


There can be several causes of diminished male organ sensitivity and a resulting delayed seed release issue. These include:

– Alcohol or medication use, both of which can create a situation in which seed release becomes difficult.

– Stroke, which can bring about a neurologically-based disconnect that diminishes sensitivity.

– Certain medications (including some antidepressants), which tend to slow down seed release response. Ironically, some medications used to treat tumescence dysfunction may have the side effect of delayed seed release.

– Psychological issues can result in delayed response. Depression or performance anxiety can lead to seed release issues, both in terms of releasing too early or after too long a period.

– Peripheral nerve damage. This is one of the more common causes. When the member is handled too roughly for too long, there is some damage to the nerves which are responsible for the glorious sensations that bring about a release response. When this damage occurs frequently over time, it can lead to a continuing diminishment of sensation. In many cases, this actually makes tumescence achievement difficult, but in other cases, it may not impede the tumescence but may prevent the ability of the manhood to reach the stimulation point that produces the desired seed release response.

In cases in which diminished male organ sensitivity is related to peripheral nerve damage, delayed seed release can often be helped by the daily application of an exceptional member health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Not just any crème is going to be of value here, however; it is of paramount importance that the selected crème contains acetyl L carnitine. This ingredient has neuroprotective qualities that make it an asset in restoring the sensitivity lost from peripheral nerve damage due to rough and/or excessive handling of the equipment. It’s also a boon if the crème contains vitamin C, which is well known for aiding in collagen production and the resultant male organ tissue firmness which adds an extra layer of protection to personal health. Finally, a crème with skin soothing moisturizers like Shea butter and vitamin E will be able to repair damaged skin caused by the “workout” that manhood may receive when it has been victimized by delayed seed release.

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