What a beach… towel!

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For those of you that follow me on Instagram (you don't? How rude! Follow me @theverysimong) you'll know I have an obsession with flamingos: the actual animal, and it printed on anything, from net curtains (in the new house) to shoes I've just bought from ASOS. 

And when an email landed in my inbox telling me about the all new amazing styles of ROUND, yes round beach towels from brand You, Me And The Dream, including the below flamingo print, you can imagine how excited I got!


Friends and freelance fashion stylists Kelly and Jo obviously love a good holiday, and frustrated with long and narrow beach towels, they created The Dreamer – the supersized round towel with more space, and amazing and fun prints! 

They make you smile, don't they? Imaging whipping one of these out on the beach! No need for a fancy bikini or pair of swimming trunks to turn heads… these are statement enough! 



The above Orca tail design is a brand new style, along with the flamingo print, both available on the brands' website, here. And you can buy the pineapple and other styles at Very Exclusive too, here. Prices start at £75.

Happy holidays! 

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