Wedding Proposal at New Year's Eve?

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Big excitement on my side because I am going to ask my girlfriend to marry me on New Year’s eve.

I’ve already bought a diamond engagement ring months ago online and I kept staring at it every other day.

So, now since the last hours are approaching pretty fast I am starting to doubt myself. Is it even a good idea? Did I think it through?

Let me explain it so you can see where my worries come from. The only plan that I could come up with was by thinking of movies. So, from what I have watched dropping the ring in a glass of champagne was the most romantic and exciting. At midnight when we kiss and drink to welcome the New Year’s she will find it in her glass and in front of her she well see me kneeling down and popping the question. I think that is pretty romantic for a very practical guy like me, or isn’t it? But what if it ends like in that Woody Allen movie from the 90’s and she accidentally swallows the ring? What if we end up at the hospital trying to locate for the rest of that night that ring somewhere between her stomach and her rectum?

You see, all these wonderful creepy thoughts are crossing my mind. In addition to that I fear that she might not find it romantic at all and does not even expect me to ask in the first place.

Well, then I might just have to take the loss, I guess. Return the ring or sell it on Ebay and put the pieces of my shattered heart bit by bit together. It’s not that I’ve bought a ten million dollar diamond ring but it also will leave me with a dent in my pocket besides my broken heart.

You might think I am exaggerating but exactly a year ago my friend got turned down by his girlfriend when he ask her to marry him.

So, here we go. Will everything go well? I don’t know… Will she say yes. Hopefully she will. Is it a great idea to ask your girlfriend to marry you on New Year Eve? I start having my doubts…

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