We report from Legoland's Christmas Bricktacular….

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On Saturday we headed to Windsor to check out Legoland’s wintery offering. And I must say it was all very festive. As soon as you enter the park you can catch a train down to the bit of the park where the main action is. There were snow machines, snow-covered Christmas trees, little Lego figures of elves, Christmas puddings and a massive Lego Christmas tree.

I initially mistook the Elves’ Workshop for a lunching venue – til I realised that all the parents and children sitting at the long tables were actually not chowing down on food but slaving over Lego creations. There are Lego bricks everywhere and it’s free.

My two weren’t overly keen on the rides for some reason but enjoyed the swinging chair carousel and the adventure playground, where they would happily have stayed for hours were it not rather nippy.

Legoland7 Legoland2

The main event was a visit to Santa. Warning, you can expect queues, but that’s par for the course for any grotto it seems. Once you’re at the front you’re greeted by an elf, who will lead you through ‘the forest’ of Christmas trees. This is the clever bit, it’s a bit like a maze as there are obviously a few different Santas in action (shhhh!), in different little wooden cabins. So the elves make sure you take the right turnings and the mystique is preserved – it works especially well for the little ones because they can’t see over the tree tops. 

Santa’s cabin was lovely, twinkly and cosy and Santa himself was an old pro, with great lines like, ‘Remind me of your names, I don’t think I’ve seen you for, hmm, almost a year now…’ and a few jokes for the parents thrown in. His costume was good, as was the beard, and I think Minnie and Monty genuinely believed he was the real deal. Minnie was actually rather lost for words and Monty told Santa he’d be leaving out some sherry and some ‘healthy snacks’ which didn’t go down well! 

A very jolly day out…

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