Warehouse Shortage Could Soon Put Deliveries Under Pressure

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As one of the leading providers of Warehousing Services, we are all too aware of the warehousing space issue the industry will face over the coming years, this has been again confirmed by a recently released industrial and logistics market report, Internet retailers’ ability to deliver to customers could become significantly compromised before the end of this decade due to insufficient logistics warehouse storage space.

A troubling forecast of future warehousing availability

The report revealed that even if present elevated levels of new logistics warehouse development continued, the amount of space required by retailers and distributors would outstrip the UK’s available stock by 25 million square feet by 2020.

It was also revealed that 2015 saw the supply of industrial and logistics space decline to a record low of 200 million square feet last year, contrasting with the peak of 360 million square feet recorded in 2012. Such a relative lack of available stock contributed to strong rental growth over the course of 2015, with prime rents increasing by 3.9% on average. Liverpool recorded the greatest increase of any single location at 16.7%.

South Wales is particularly struggling for storage space availability. In South East Wales, there is less than 800,000 square feet of ‘grade A’ manufacturing and distribution space available along the M4 corridor market.

BiSSpaceXchange – a name that you can rely on

In a climate of multiple recent industry studies reporting a predicted shortfall in available warehousing in the UK by 2020, it has never been more important for those firms in need of warehousing services to be able to call upon a capable and dependable partner.

BiSSpaceXchange offers a broad and diverse portfolio of warehouse space across the UK and can help you to find solutions to your Warehousing Fulfilment and distribution needs.

Whether you require ambient storage in Aberdeen, hazardous storage in Hampshire or any other warehousing storage solution in-between, our team here at BiSSpaceXchange can be of invaluable assistance – so please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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