Visualizing Private Speech through Self Regulation

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When you visualize private speech you have the ability to move toward self-regulation. Creating images of your self-talk will help you with finding ways to discover answers that will guide you to self-development.

Impulse reactions have been the latest studies, which in the new age experts and others are recommending that we consider spontaneous nature to an extent and to use it as a guide to regulate self.

Watching someone else perform the task that you’ve tried and couldn’t quit get there like you want. Think positive that you can and will perform better. Just because someone else did it better and reached their goal faster doesn’t mean that you can’t do it too.

Our inner thoughts are always telling us something though our subconscious brain and mind. Our subconscious mind self talks to us over 50,000 times each day. The brain and mind has heard someone say to you that you can’t do something or you won’t succeed. We need to reprogram our brain to think positive by repeating in a positive way that “I will or can do this with success.” Think positive and tell yourself “you will perform and make it in order to succeed.”

To change these thoughts start repeating to yourself “I will perform and challenge the task at full force until I succeed.” Tell yourself this over and over again and reprogram your brain until it listens and believes you can do it. Soon your subconscious will be telling you that it is possible.

Start today to reprogram your brain by making a list. Remember to be positive and use your self-talk tools to set your goals. Always us “I am going to do this” or “I am a good person” these are positive thinking in self-talk.

Each day you need to work on this list you just wrote to reprogram the path to your brain. You need to make your brain become aware and believe the positive thoughts.

Once your list is wrote find someplace you can be comfortable and sit up straight. Focus on your body and make it relax by closing your eyes and let yourself go to another world. Focus on relaxation and start repeating out loud the list. Repeat each one on the list 4 or 5 times each. This needs to be done everyday in order for the brain to learn your new way of thinking.

When we talk out loud your brains can hear what we are saying. Remember your brain learned the negative things from what someone has said in the past so now it needs to learn the positive attitude in order to reprogram.

Be patient while your working on reprogramming your brain and subconscious. It took some learning for it to be negative all these years so it will take time to change the way to thinking positive.

Once you’ve worked at changing your attitude to think positive you’ll begin to notice and so will people around you that your self-confidence and self-esteem will improve greatly. Becoming a new and different takes time and work so work hard at performing better to be where and what you want to be.

Performance is based on how you brain performs when it using the self talks techniques. Stay on the outlook for the negative things to pop up once in awhile and that is when you walk away to look at things in a more positive way.

You can perform the way you want when you learn to practice the positive thinking and self talk skills. Good Luck in your new performance to reach your goals. I know you can and will be able to accomplish them.

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