Vetements FW17 Collection Debuts at PFW

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It was only last week that Georgian design maverick Demna Gvasalia unveiled his FW17 range of #officecore looks for Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week. You know, the one where models marched down a grey, berber carpet runway in clunky Triple-S dad kicks while sporting cubicle-appropriate suits slapped with slogans that paid homage to Bernie Sanders.

Well just a few moments ago, the designer returned to the Parisian catwalk – this time in Centre Georges Pompidou – to present his latest collection for Vetements, aka every fashionista’s go-to brand for all things ironic, absurd and satirically-priced.

In true Vetements fashion, the radical label’s FW17 line was loaded with a broad swath of subcultural motifs and thrift store couture getups – seriously, there’s something for everyone here. For all you metalheads, goths and punks (holler), might I suggest the studded lime green biker jacket (slide #19), the uber-long black trench and dog leash choker look (slide #38), the patched-up denim vest (slide #36) or the fitted skull T-shirt (slide #33). Raver nostalgists, take a look at the billowing, gabber-tinged tracksuits (slides #34, #35), biohazard-emblazoned black puffer (slide #25) or smiley face scarves (slide #29).

Then, of course, there’s your aging, ill-fated socialite a la Grey Gardens (slide #1), your midwestern grandma that gets dolled up just to go to the supermarket (slide #07), your Wall Street junkies (slides #05, #14, #28), your cowboy with a penchant for statement denim (slide #26) and your Miami Vice aficionado (slide #09). Oh, and if you’re a bride-to-be, Demna’s got that covered, too (slide #39).

Many argue whether Vetements has already peaked, but there’s a story that Demna clearly isn’t done telling yet. What it is, well, who the hell knows at this point.

(Notice all of those XXXL-long belts? Yeah, we called those out a few months back).

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