Us going to Oz…

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The other day I let it slip that we’re off to Australia for Christmas to visit Christine. I can’t wait to get there but I am dreading the flight with our two. I am trying to look at it a bit like childbirth – it’ll be a pretty traumatic 24 hours but, after that, it’ll be wonderful.

My friend Sarah went to elaborate lengths of wrapping a present up for every hour of her flight to America. I think I am going to go more hi-tech. Monty can’t sit still at the best of times but I am planning to just let him watch as many films as he likes and play his games and see where we are 11 hours in!

There are different concerns for Minnie – she is saying she won’t eat any plane food because it’s disgusting. How I am going to pack enough food in my carry-on luggage to keep her going for a day I am not sure. 

Then there’s sleep – it’s hard enough to sleep on a long-haul flight if you are travelling solo, but if you have to sync it with two children that’s pretty much mission impossible. Maybe James and I will have to take shifts. Or resort to gin.

If anyone has any tips on long-haul with kids for me they would be very gratefully received…

PS Pooches Madge and Frank (below)  will be waiting for us when we arrive – Minnie will be so excited!


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