Unhealthy Regulation of Self in Private Speech

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Many can perceive private speech an unhealthy and improper but is in fact on of the main ways that we learn and develop as we become more mature. As children we are able to freely use private speech as learning tools that can aid us through difficult tasks and that is able to self regulate us as well. If we to observe a child at play we may see them talking to themselves. This is thinking aloud and can be classified as private speech. Children are able to process their thoughts and organize them through private speech and are able to learn and work through difficult tasks through this method.

As adults we tend to outgo this method of learning, as we become more self aware and self-conscious. It becomes harder for us to use the tool of private speech as we restrict our thoughts and tend to internalize them as well. As adults there are some occasions that we may catch ourselves talking aloud and processing but this is typically only when we are under serious stress and are trying to vent or find a release or a resolution to the issue at hand. Other than that all the things that we have already learned do no tend to surface in private speech.

If we were less self-conscious we could use private speech to our benefit as well. In adults this is referred to as thinking aloud and this is very much a way to work through problems. When we vocalize a problem we are using all our senses to tackle the problem. When we open our minds to private speech or thinking aloud we are better equipped to handle or tackle the problem. The brain is opened up to the problem at hand and there is an integrated approach to the problem as well.

Private speech has many applications and can be used in planning, designing and monitoring processes. It is a great way to stump erratic thought in its path and to give way to logical thinking and thought. Most of us that do not listen to our inner thoughts or do not engage in private speech are unable to control our impulses. This is because we act unconsciously and do not process or thoughts. We are therefore not in control but the inner unconscious mind is in control.

If we were to use our inner voice effectively and engage in thinking aloud we would be able to avoid erratic action. We would have better control of our thoughts and actions and we would be equipped and fit to handle the daily problems that we may face on a daily basis. We become better individuals that are self-regulated and able to function under pressure.

With the use of private speech we are able to eventually learn to cope with the issues that arise and are able to later on tackle these problems without private speech. Internalized private speech however will not stop and this will continue to aid us as we continue to grow and develop in life. Self development is one of the best ways that we can handle life and we must use all the personal tools available to us to develop into better persons that are happier and more fulfilled with life.

Work toward a better tomorrow by building healthy self-regulation of private speech, so that you can work through almost any problem you may face. Putting forth effort today is the only way you will find relief of daily stress, so don’t put off working toward a better tomorrow, rather get started today.

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