Trends In IT Recruitment

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The IT world is witnessing some interesting and promising recruiting trends that must be understood to get their nuances felt in the right way. Have a look at the below listed trends in IT recruitments and capture the pulse of this progressive industry – 


The IT recruitment trend is gradually becoming independent of geographical barriers. All they are looking for is pure talent and relevant skill that would match the requirements of the employer.


There is going to be steep rise in the demand of the application developers that would include several IT skills like Java/J2EE, Microsoft .Net, Android, Silverlight, amongst many more. One of the hottest operating system that is pulling lot of developers is Android operating system along with VMware virtual applications. 


The functional roles of business managers and business analysts are also proving to be great pullers in IT industry. 


The skills required in IT industry are going to remain diverse. Those having skills in networking systems, analyses of data communications, engineering of computer software, development of applications and analyses of company finances is going to remain at the fore.


If we perceive IT industry from its developmental prospective, the onus is going to lie over .net based and java skills. There is also going to be uptrend over Rails and ERP-oriented skills along with speculation in the field of business intelligence. IT companies are going to remain ever striving towards streamlining of business decision making keeping in sync with recent datum and past trends. 


Interestingly, IT sector is likely to get more and more interested in such candidates who have an excellent combination of IT skills and business experience. The hiring managers are trying their best to make their workforce deft by hiring those having this super combination of dual skills.


Another significant trend that will make its visibility felt is the preference for contract work instead of full time employment. However, this would primarily be dependent on the project type and its tenure. However, the preference of contract work is preferable keeping in mind the times of economic uncertainty. Presently IT companies hire skeletal staff and gradually increase the hiring at the time of work momentum.  


IT industry also prefers to offer conventional benefits like annual vacation and health care to bring up slide in the recruitment spree. They are also considering changing the perks as the priorities of employees keep on changing during various stages of their career and age.


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