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The unseasonally good weather has been rather fortunate for me this week because I had to strip down to my waist for a revealing photoshoot outdoors.

It was to put the final touches to my 2015 calendar – my agent said it was a good idea to do one – I’m not entirely sure that people will want to see my face beaming out at them all through 2015 but it’s been done now anyway, so I’ll let you be the judge. You can have a sneak preview at and they can be pre-ordered now.

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The Stylist Could Have Warmed Up The Body Oil First

It seems rather bizarre to be talking about the New Year when we are barely in autumn but that’s how it works in this showbiz world and so I found myself stood on the roof of an old warehouse in Greenwich being sprayed with body oil again and wearing an extremely tight pair of trousers.

Spencer top off close up1

Standing On A Warehouse Roof In Greenwich With My Top-Off

You may have noticed that I’m looking decidedly pale at the moment, my New York tan has long since faded and the one saving grace is that I’m in pretty good nick. This is remarkable because I’m currently going to about seven nightclub PAs a week – Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Worcester and Bristol in the past five days. I’m trying to keep the drinking down to a minimum (I’m only having Skinny Betches – vodka, fresh lime and soda) and trying to stick to four work-outs a week, and popping three Forza T5 Super Strength a day to keep the metabolism burning fat.


Spencer top off 3

Trying To Catch Some Rays To Get Back My Tan

The Forza T5s have been a big help and body fat is down to around 11% and weight is around 13 stone, not quite Men’s Health cover material but only a couple of weeks of hard work and dedication away from that.

Spencer top off close up 3

It’s A Hard Knock Life Being Spencer Matthews

The problem is that now the University Freshers parties have started in earnest and with Christmas on the horizon (only 13 ½ weeks away) there is going to be plenty of temptation to keep me off the straight and narrow.

Spencer signing calendars

You Can Pre-Order A Signed 2015 Calendar Here Now

One thing that might help me stay virtuous was that had to spend a gruelling four hours personally signing all the front covers of my 2015 calendar. I’ve now got a serious case of RSI and so for the next few days at least I can barely raise a glass with my right-hand. See a video of me signing calendars below.


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