title:What Does It Mean To Be The Witness

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author:Arthur Buchanan
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

What is this thing we call being the witness? Does this mean something that we have seen? If you think along these terms you had better sit down, because what I am about to tell you is going to shock the hell out of you. That what we mean by being the witness.
There is yourself, you are not the witness you are a being expediting things that are happing to you. Do you know there is a knowing and a knower, you are the knowing and your true and endless self is the knower of the known, which we will call the witness. The same thing that beats your heart and keeps the earth moving on its axis, is the same thing that keeps your heart beating at night when you are sleeping.
Now the thing that you need to understand is this you are not the witness, your true and eternal self is the knowing of the knower. Therefore, you need to go within to find the witness. Have you ever heard of the witness protection plan? This is were the witness to a crime is given a new identity and are given a new life and a place top live with a job and on and on.
Well that is like your being the witness until you go into hiding and know that you are ready to give the info that is needed to bring you to a higher awareness and that would be you being the witness, and this is done by you almost you becoming a witness to your life as you are living it. Now I know that this sounds simple, yet please know until you are ready to go into the witness protection program, reach to your higher self, and watch your life as you are living it.
Now how can we do this? Simple one way would be to become silent, becalm, be still, and know that I am God. Now this is the first place that you will get a glimpse of the witness and the more you are willing to listen to your inner self the knower who knows the knowing and this would be the inner being that is in the protection program and once you are in the program you will never want to go back.
It’s true once you see your new life that will be all that is needed to know that you want to stray from the program. That would be to become the knower or as we would say, you have become the witness and once you are there. There is now turning back, you are in the place that many have been searching for all of the time we call now here as it slowing slips into the no thing and as you slip into that place, you will never want to go back.
Now you are your own boss and you are now seeing your life as though it is something that is different. You are actually watching yourself become all that you are becoming in the present moment and to moment you are reaching the level of divinity that all are searching for and you are there, you are the witness and now you don’t need a protection program as you are now the knower in the no thing, you have arrived! Be still and know that I am GOD!


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