title:What Do You Focus On?

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author:Rasheed Ali
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I’m sure you’ve probably heard that lack of focus is the cause of many great failures and focusing on a task is one of the steps to success. Yet, as I write this I’m being distracted and confused by many different things.
In the past I would have run off on a tangent and never finished this post. Hey I’m not perfect but I’ve learned the importance of living in the moment and finishing the task at hand.
This may seem overly simplistic, but so many people have such GREAT talents, intellect, skills and dreams BUT, we never share them with the rest of the world.
Well that’s something only YOU can explain my friend. What prevents you from sticking and focusing to your goals and becoming a success story?
As an example here’s what happened to me just this week.
I’m writing my book, “The One Word That Can Change Your Life and Make You Outrageously Successful” and ideas are just flowing in like a river in the rain, when suddenly I get a phone call from one of my best friends who has a HUGE opportunity to distribute a great product here in New York City! Of course, I shouldn’t have picked up the phone.
Now the income potential is pretty good but, I’m no distributor. I told him that I was pretty focused on what I’m doing right now and don’t want to do something else right now. Well of course like most friends do, he told me how important my help was and that he really needed it.
I’m not a bad guy BUT, I’m not like I was. In the past I would have jumped on this and forgot about what I was doing AND go it for FREE! Well I’m not that guy any more, so here’s what I did.
I got off the phone and finished the part of the book I was working on.
Later on I got another phone call from him and I made an agreement to make some calls to a few people to give him some major leads, he would do the rest of the work from there and split the profits with me. That’s it. I could not dedicate my time to something other than what I was focused on.
I made the calls the next day as promised.
What I learned is that you can’t be everything to everyone and trying to do so, will cause you more pain than pleasure. The next time something like this happens to you, remember that. Think about YOU! Focus on YOU and your goal or task and you will uncover one of the great secrets of success.
You wouldn’t turn right or left if your destination was directly in front of you!
I don’t want to put it this way but…
Think about this:
If a person who was really constipated AND couldn’t sleep had a choice of Powerful Sleeping Pills or a Powerful Laxative and they decided to take BOTH; what do you think would happen?
Hmmmm????? 😛
Unfortunately, this is how many people make decisions in their life and lose focus.
Bottom Line: FOCUS on your goals and objectives and let nothing get in your way. Make a DECISION and stick to it until you get what you desire.
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