title:What? Are You Afraid Of Ghosts?

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author:Raymond S. Usbal
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

I guess you could relate well on that didn’t you? Honestly, I don’t. I have no fear of ghosts. Okay, I admit it, when I was little.
No, this article is not about ghosts or the fear of ghosts but the fear of — failure. Let me share to you my struggle in finding (Nemo?) no!
Okay, seriously now. (Actually I haven’t seen the movie.)
It was not an easy experience for me to find a woman to marry.
Not too long ago, I was a thriving employee who thinks more highly that he ought to toward himself. At that time, I was earning twice than most that I considered myself rather successful. But, but… I have a big problem. I’m loosing hair and I’m loosing it fast!
I have my eyes set on the newspaper and TV commercials waiting for breakthroughs on the cure of hair loss. I’m growing desperate everyday that I bought every kind of shampoo that claim to make a difference. The truth is, man, I would be categorically bald in couple of years. I wanted to cry. I hug my dog and I poured out my tragedy over him. That’s what dogs are for.
But I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t easily give up. Definitely, if I can’t have my hair, then I must have my wife!
I left my promising job and went back to the province. I courted the first fair young lady I met and got her after two weeks of courtship. Ha ha! Then lost her after two weeks (sob). She left me for a full-haired man.
I have learned the truth that a loyal dog is better than a fair young lady who leaves you at the drop of a hat.
Then one day, I met my wife.
We got two kids now. My younger boy had his first birthday last 23rd of October.
Here’s what I learned:
Firstly, when stumbling at failure, stand up and wipe your eyes dry. You have to stay alert for the next opportunity that comes your way.
Secondly, failure can be bitter but don’t let your fear of failure hinder you from trying again. Failure, in reality, is a stepping stone either towards or away from your goal. Decide what it is to you.
Thirdly, victory is certain if you try harder and smarter.
Lastly, dogs can be a good thing!
Face it, you can’t have it all. Stop blaming yourself or somebody else — that will not make any difference. Study what caused you to fail and learn from it.
In closing, let me remind you that God is on your side and that something better in on the way!
Proverbs 19:14 “Parents can provide their sons with an inheritance of houses and wealth, but only the Lord can give an understanding wife.” (NLT)

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