title:We Are All Special But…

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author:Kenia Morales
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

We are all equal in this world. There is no one better or at a topper level over others. This is the reason why our society encourages equality and respect for everyone. Their social background, ethnicity, gender, social status etc does not matter. We are also talented or gifted in some way or another. This is also the reason why we often hear successful people advice others to do what they love best. Since certain tasks come easier to us, we enjoy doing them more. Although, we are all created equal and talented in some areas it does not mean that you must not search inside yourself and try to fix things that bother or harm you in any way. This can be either directly or indirectly.
Like many things in life we are not perfect. Although, we all posses positive quality traits we all have a negative side as well. Of course, some people maybe more mature or focused than others. But, I assure you that no one is perfect. There is always something that affects us in a negative way that we can improve about ourselves. Some examples of this would be procrastination, poor stress management, communicational skills etc.
So, go ahead take a pen and paper, write down on what areas you could leave some room for improvement. Once you have and idea of what you would like to change to make your life better; make and implement a plan that will improve your overall outlook.

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