title:Ways to Bring Play into Your Life

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author:Jenny Ward
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:18

1. roll around in the grass, and don’t brush the grass off.
2. drive/walk a different way to work, or wherever you usually go.
3. wear glitter underneath your work clothes.
4. wear a bright orange tie.
5. smell a flower fully, and thank it for its beauty.
6. smile at stranger.
7. go thru the children’s aisle in any store and imagine what toy you’d love to play with.
8. buy that toy.
9. do kart-wheels.
10. say yes when you would say no.
11. say no when you would say yes.
12. stand in front of the mirror and say ” I am king/queen of the universe!”
13. call a friend and invite them over for play time
14. climb up the slide at a playground
15. turn the volume of your thoughts down
16. turn the volume of your heart up
17. stop. Breathe. Giggle. Look around you
18. remember that its never too late to be what you always wanted to be
19. take yourself out for a play date.
20. laugh at yourself as much as possible.
21. remember you are a child of god, you are loved
22. put stickers on your bills
23. learn something new, without judging if its right or wrong
24. erase good or bad from your dictionary
25. re-define responsible for yourself
26. selfish means- self –fishing for love and honor of me.
27. eat whipped cream right out of the can-right in mouth
28. hug your family, friends and yourself with playful abandon
29. paint rocks and line your driveway
30. order the happy meal instead of the super size
31. drink with straws
32. receive with a playful heart
33. give with a playful heart
34. send someone a bucket of crayons for no reason
35. know that you are magnificent, AS is
36. there is nothing you have to DO
37. write a letter to someone who needs to play more, and tell them you want to be there!
38. buy stickers
39. make a picnic and go to your bedroom for a playful intimate picnic.
40. play with your hair, your friends hair, your partners hair…
41. be a super hero for a day.
42. stop. Jump up and down and yell.
43. find time to laugh at your self
44. remind a stranger of how awesome they are with your eyes
45. mow the lawn outside the lines
46. watch children
47. be messy.
48. name each star for your self
49. put marshmallows in everything you make for one day
50. hang poster board in your kitchen : write one thing you love about life on it in crayons everyday.
51. invite your roommate/family/partner to participate in writing on the board in crayon
52. be aware of perfectionism ..and with love…recreate a new way of looking at perfect
53. be confidently playful
54. celebrate your body…dance naked…take sea salt showers…
55. finger paint your to do list
56. erase SHOULD from your dictionary
57. watch lady bugs
58. watch a football game, and during commercial blast music and dance
59. order a banana split with an extra cherry
60. ask your children if they enjoy what they are up to- all ages apply
61. throw a temper tantrum if you don’t get your way…c’mon its fun
62. finish this sentence I AM…
63. finish this sentence “roses are red….”
64. make pictures with your food
65. eat your meal with your hands without a napkin
66. pile all those you love in one bed and snuggle watching a playful movie
Be you. Be love. Choose Play. Hug and Honor all those you love.

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