title:Vocalized Goals + Action = Realized Dreams

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author:Miami Phillips
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Vocalized goals + Action=Realized dreams December 10, 2003
Do you have a dream? Is there something you want to do, to achieve, or to complete?
How close are you? How many people have you told about it? Do you have a written plan on how to get there?
And the most important question – Are you taking action?
This much is absolutely true: If you never vocalize your dreams, and you never come up with even the most rudimentary plan on achieving them; and if you never take action I can guarantee that those dreams will never happen.
However I can tell you this as well. Many times in my life I have come up with a dream that appealed to me and then made it happen. The most important part is that no one made it happen but me.
Sure I had lots of help along the way. And yes, there were many apparent ‘lucky’ breaks just when they seemed to be needed the most. This will happen to you as well.
Let me tell you why. I believe with all my heart that we are part of the energy of the Universe. This energy that makes up the Universe answers to us in a way, and in fact wants desperately to help us in any way possible.When we express a desire, and then take action towards that desire, the Universe has no choice but to help us achieve it!
That assistance will come in ways we would never have thought of! But come it will!
One of the latest goals completed for me was completing a roof on our new barn. This might not sound like a lot, but I assure you it is. To complete this goal, we had to clear more than 2 acres of land, clean it up and plant it in grass. 4500 feet of siding lumber had to be cut from the logs and stacked to air dry. Over 60 stumps, and the roots and debris from the trees had to be piled and burned. The barn had to be designed, drawn and all the materials bought and delivered. (BTW, this is no little barn. It has 4 stalls with two 1100 square foot apartments over it!) **We started this process back in March of this year.
I am so grateful to have completed this part, and we are eager to get on to the next dream of a finished barn, full of horses and renters to pay for all this!
For every dream turned reality for us over the last 35 years, I can point to several things that are common.

Don’t be afraid to dream big.
Don’t listen to others who are afraid.
Do make your dream real to you by talking about it and writing it down.
Do take action – every day possible. Be willing to pay the price!
Do not worry about the finish line. Pay attention to what has to be done today.
Get that the Universe is working for you, even while you sleep.
Don’t be afraid to change your goals if you see the need.

Then you too can realize your dreams.
As always,
Your online Coach and Friend,
Miami Phillips
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