title:Use Your Time More Efficiently

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author:Troy Pentico
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:18

There are things in life, which, in case we loose or damage, we can always gain, buy or obtain them back. Time is not one of them. Once it is gone, there is no way to get it back! Anyway, if you realize that a certain period of your life was less productive or was lost in a way or another, there is no point in crying over spilt milk – there is definitely nothing you can do about it, but learning from your own mistakes.
Take the time and meditate on why you feel that period of time was not productive. Analyze what you did wrong, what kept you from having great results, what contributed to your disappointments etc. All the information you gather will be extremely useful when it comes to establishing new guiding lines, in what concerns organizing your time in a more efficient manner. Here are some valuable advices that you might want to bear in mind, when drawing your plan:
• Think about your priorities, desires and aspirations and make time for accomplishing them. By doing that you’ll have the feeling your time has been used in the best manner possible. Concentrate on choosing especially those things that you always said you would do, but you never did, because that will offer you the impression you somehow made up for the lost time.
• Don’t postpone things like: duties, taxes, apologizing to the persons you hurt, spending time with your family, because all these actions have a certain charm and offer a certain feeling of completeness and serenity when performed at the right moment.
• We all have dynamic lives and we have a million of things to take care of every day. That is why, it is crucial to make the right choices and concentrate on the priorities. Deal with the fact that you won’t be able to satisfy everybody, but, nevertheless, focus on the persons you really care about. It is them you are not allowed to let down. That does not mean you have to neglect the persons seeking your help or support, but do not try to please everybody at the same time, because you’ll get exhausted shortly and you’ll end up by disappointing everybody.
• Aim at having to deal only with people with an efficient time management. Don’t waist your time with people who repeatedly are late for appointments, postpone meetings or never get there. Try to be in contact only with serious persons, who understand how precious time is. Otherwise, you’ll permanently feel unjustified. In case your job obliges you to deal with this kind of people, always try to have a back up plan at hand, something else to do, in order not to wait precious time.
• Learn to do more than one thing at the time. This does not mean to turn into Napoleon, but to keep your perspectives open. For example, do your nails while you’re taking a bath, exercise while watching TV, listen to the news while cooking or cleaning the house, read the newspaper on the bus, have breakfast while you’re answering e-mails etc. Remember there is not enough time for all the things we need to do, so… combine them.
Use all these tips together with a correct diet, exercise at least three times a week and sleep no more than eight hours a night. Keep in mind that time is a gift – this way you will live as you’re suppose to – like everyday was the best day of your life!

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