title:Unleash the Power of the Mind

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author:Terje Brooks Ellingsen
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

Your mind has incredible power. You have an amazing power of your mind. You have abilities that you’re not even aware of. You were born with these powers and abilities but unfortunately, you have never learned how to master them. Instead you’ve probably gone through life like an unguided missile heading toward different targets and by trial and error hoping for the best – but never really making your dreams come true. You need to unleash your power. You need to develop your Intuition by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind.
Every time I have a negative feeling, I use various techniques that I have learned to dismiss it away. I’m doing positive affirmations several times a day, which really makes me feel good. I have been focusing on different areas like relationships, career and self confidence, but my health is probably the one area I have focused most on. Research has shown that 75% of all sickness and disease starts in the mind. They have also proven that stress, which starts in the mind, is the number one cause of all fatigue and illness. I had been troubled by dizziness for about a year, and had been to several doctors who were not able to diagnose the problem. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with arthritis and the doctors said that I had to undergo surgery. They asked me to return in three months. I kept affirming that my head was calm, that I felt peace of mind and was in good health. To my and my doctors’ surprise the disease had cleared up and there will be no need for surgery anymore. The only thing I did was say these affirmations. These results may not happen for everyone but well worth the try.
Another area of my focus was my new established online business. I affirmed that I was going to earn money enough to quit my consultant job that I was sick and tiered of and be able to make my own good living from this business. A few months ago I started out with an income of $50. Now I’m making more money per month than I’ve ever made and my monthly income is rapidly growing. My dream for many years has finally come true. If I can do it, why can’t you?

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