title:Unclutter Your Life And Get On With It

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author:Inka-Maria Kunz
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:18

When using feng shui and thus creating holy spaces around you, you are about to create more than just a comfortable home or an inspiring working place. It all comes down to being in a constant flow of universal energy. It will increase your own ability to give and receive love, attract positive things happening to you, enlarge your passion for life itself. And that surely comes with a new perspective, new values, a complete new way of being and doing things.
By literally uncluttering your life of all those things you don’t need anymore, you never needed in the first place or cannot even imagine how you came about those, you are creating new spaces for things that you like, need and will make use of. Uncluttering your life as so brilliantly explained by Karen Kingston in her various books does not stop in your wardrobe, room, flat or house. You ought to unclutter your computer by deleting all that never-used-but-downloaded-nonetheless software, never-read-again old files, documents, emails etc. While you are at it, look through your email addressbook and throw out all those addresses that you are certain of not needing anymore in the days to come. And unclutter your desktop as well, who ever said it had to look like a traffic jam?! Don’t stop just there, but go and unclutter your website too. Remember, your website represents your business, and of course you want to attract traffic to your website and thus more business to your company? So get rid of all those links that don’t work anymore and check the content of the site, is it still up to date or does it need some makeover? Once you are through with that, you will be surprised by the increase of business opportunities that suddenly come knocking on your door.
After you have changed your outer environment according to your wishes, change your focus. Don’t let feng shui run your life; instead use it as an inspiration. Some people are trying to turn feng shui into a religion if not the religion. Some are so obsessed with it that they won’t make any changes to their living space without consulting their feng shui consultant first. Don’t make yourself dependent on somebody else’s whims! Integrate feng shui into your way of living but use it to empower yourself and to take matters into your own capable hands.

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