title:Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks

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author:Adebola A. Oni
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:18

There are so many times that we experience some setbacks in our lives and we feel it is the end of the world. We tend to dwell on those things that we forget to learn from them and move on with our lives. The story below states clearly what our attitude to setbacks should be.
Enjoy it:
“I’m always looking for the right words to encourage my football(American) team. at Baylor University where I’ve been Head Coach for 14 years. I’ve used everything from praise to provocation to get the best out of my players. But once, the right encouraging words came from a team member.
In 1980 we had a very strong team and had won the first seven games of the season. We were riding high and running a little scared, I think, as the pressure to win increased. Our eight game was against San Jose State, a team supposedly not up to our caliber.
In a shocking upset San Jose beat us, 30-22. Suddenly our confidence waned. After our loss I kept hearing people say what might have been, shaking their heads over what we could have done. The team seemed to absorb this negative thinking. In the workouts leading to our next game against the University of Arkansas we couldn’t seem to rid ourselves of a lingering defeatist attitude.
Then Kyle Woods came to our dressing room. A year before, Kyle had been injured in a workout that left him paralysed. He was only a sophomore, a defensive back on the second team, when it happened. Now he would be a cripple for life. This was his first visit to a game in Baylor Stadium since the injury.
Kyle was in the dressing room before the game in a wheel chair. After our team prayer, I said a few words and then asked Kyle if he had anything to add. ” I sure do,” he said.
I walked over to his wheel chair and pushed him into the center of the room. Kyle paused for a moment and seemed to look every player in the eye. He said ” Here it is: You take a setback and you turn it into a comeback.”
Then Kyle dropped his hands to his side. he had no dexterity in them, but he managed to lock his thumbs around the wheel chair’s arm. he pushed downward on the chair with his hands, lifting his body up. With one giant lunge, he stood up.
There he stood in the dressing room, to emphsize the point he’d just made, that “you can take a setback and turn it into a comeback.” I’ve never heard a greater message nor seen it so dramatically punctuated.
Then we went out and defeated the University of Arkansas, 42-15, and we went on to become the 1980 South West Conference Champion.
The Bible says, “God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2. Tim. 1:7) The Lord want us to achieve. Out of every setback we can find the comeback He has in mind for us.
I love You.
Adebola Oni


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