title:Tips on Breaking the Artistic Block

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author:Mary Baker
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There’s no question that creating a work of art is hard to do. Here are some tips if you find yourself creatively blocked.
1. Set a Goal
Set a goal for yourself. For example, it could be to write one poem, one short story, to paint two small paintings or create three works of art. Don’t make the goal too big.
2. Set a Time Table
Give yourself a time when you want your work of art to be completed. There is nothing like a deadline to help you get things done. You can tell people about the deadline or keep the information to yourself. Don’t make the time table too unrealistic.
3. One Step at a Time
Baby steps get you to the top of the mountain. If you manage to do one small thing towards your artistic goal each day, you will be amazed at how fast you can accomplished it. Ask yourself what your next artistic step would be and then do it.
4. If It Isn’t Working Stop
If you are working on an artistic project and you don’t know what to do, stop and do something else; it can be anything—the laundry, mow the lawn, work in the garage. When you come back to your creative project, you will probably have the answer to what was blocking you.
5. Progress Not Perfection
If you don’t expect to create the perfect work of art, it will take off a lot of pressure. It will make it easier to accomplish what you have set out to do and the process will be a lot more enjoyable.
6. Easy Does It
If you don’t create exactly what you’ve set out to do, don’t worry. Ask yourself the question “how important is it?”. It will help you get things in perspective.
7. Don’t Worry About the Other Guy
Don’t worry about the artistic project that anyone else is doing. Keep the focus on yourself and what creative project you want to accomplish. It will help you to go forward instead of getting stuck.
8. Just do it
Don’t talk about it, don’t worry about it—just do it, one step at a time until whatever artistic project you have set out to do, gets done.
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