title:Time in a… Shoe?

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author:Joe Cirillo
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:18

Looking to find more time to do the things you enjoy most? Try looking in your closet. No, you won’t find that extra 15 minutes shoved in the left toe of your favorite pair of shoes. But, you might just find it in the time it takes you to dig out that pair of shoes. A cluttered closet will rob more of your time than you realize. How often do you spend 15 minutes shuffling through piles of shoes and sweaters, belts, ties and handbags only to give up and wear a less than perfect pair?
If you have ever found yourself in this predicament then you are ready to clear your clutter and organize your closet.
Did you know that you could gain up to two hours every day through simple suggestions that will help you organize your closet and take control of your time. And further, organizing your life and clearing your closet will not only afford you more time, it will lighten your stress load and help you lead a healthier, happier life.
If you could save up to two hours every day by organizing your closet, would you do it? Most people love the idea of saving time, but dread the idea of organizing their overstuffed closets. As a culture we cultivate disorganization from a young age – did you ever shove everything into your closet when your mother suggested that you clean your room?
Organization doesn’t have to be a dreaded task – but rather a thing of beauty.
First, you’ll want to break down closet organization into easily digested solutions that involve what I like to call “helper items.” There are numerous ways to organize your closet: A cedar wardrobe closet may be an ideal solution for you and your cornucopia of wool sweaters; drawer dividers will help you keep those workout socks where they belong, to the right of your dress socks; and don’t underestimate the power of the hanger – hanging a bulky leather jacket on a spindly wire hanger may find that expensive leather on the floor, sure to be lost until you dive into your shoe pile next fall.
And speaking of that shoe pile, why not store your shoe collection in individual clear plastic boxes so they can be stacked and viewed at a moments notice. The thing to remember is that even your beloved Manolo Blahniks can steal your precious time if you’re not careful.

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