title:Thinking Is Mental Malpractice

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author:Arthur Buchanan
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

How can thinking be mental malpractice? Well it sort of goes like this. When you think normally you think of the negative stuff and the more we think of the negative stuff the more we become what we hear and see others do. So the part that is malpractice is the fact that we tend to focus on the negative in all situations and we tend to forget about All the good stuff that is happening around us.
We humans are so connected with the negative and we will watch the news and see all the death disaster and hatred that is all around us. Guess what, for every bad thing that is happening to us or someone there is a million good things going on or happening to others that we never hear about.
Why is this you may be asking yourself? Because doom and gloom death hatred sells papers and TV ads and commercials and they forget all the other 999,999 of the good stuff that is happening. It’s your job to seek out this good stuff and to let it saturate your mind and try to limit the bad stuff. The malpractice of the mind is that it will always look for and of coarse that is the bad. Do you know that as a teenager that reaches the age 16 years old, they have seen 15,000 simulated murders on TV! Do you understand the facts here folks?
Could the music that they listen too have an impact on the young childrens thinking? You bet it can! Will the TVs shows that show young ones that it is ok to be gay or lesbian, hey couldn’t they figure out this themselves? Why do they need to be pushed it on them that way, they do?
How about alcohol and what it does to people? Well this is the perfect example of mental malpractices in work. Why is this you may be asking yourself? Have you ever been drunk and done things that you normally would have not done? I mean we know when it’s guys or girls night out that maybe just maybe we will find that special someone who will make us complete. As our life with our wife has become stale and smells of corruption and death. Now would you normally be on the look out for another woman even if she were less than what you already have? I mean is life that bad and are you willing to throw away all the time you took to build this relationship?
Now music, news, alcohol and the list goes on and on can you see how it can destroy a life, a family and even worse a nation. Do you see how the way things are going, that we are committing mental malpractice? By not seeing the loving, the good and the 999,999 that are good and what do we focus on?
That’s right the one dam thing that goes wrong! Hey, is there anyone out there with half a brain? Listen to me there is a million good things that are going on, so start to look for it and lets start to stop being the problem and not commit mental malpractice ever again!

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