title:They Are Just Excuses!

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author:Kenia Morales
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

Sometimes people develop a tendency to find excuses for all their failures or mistakes. I have heard all types of excuses from people. They range from having bad parents to hanging out with the wrong crowd. Although sometimes external sources can impact our actions, it is not the right approach to solve problems and move on. Everyone knows that we are not able to control other people’s behavior. But, we have the ability to control our own behavior. Therefore placing blame on others or on certain situations will not get you anywhere.
In order for anyone to learn from their failures they must take a hard look at themselves and be honest. An example of this would be, a woman that believes that she did not accomplish anything with her life because she had kids and not much time to do anything. If she takes a hard look at herself and becomes open to being honest, she will easily see that she did not get a degree or pursue after her dream career because she was focus on something else. Maybe, she was interested on having and raising her family or perhaps she made an unconscious decision to stay within her own comfort zone.
Yes, life is hard and certain circumstances complicate it even more. Therefore, pursuing after goals may become two times harder. However, the real truth is that when a person wants to do something and makes a conscious decision to go down that path, there is no stopping them. If you do not believe me, observe the lives of some of the most famous and powerful people today. Among them are Bill Clinton and Ophra Winfrey while; Bill Clinton came from a place that many would consider the wrong side of the tracks, Ophra overcame child sexual abuse.
So, what makes them so different from the rest of us? They simply did not sit down to feel sorry for themselves and make up excuses. They simply focused on what they wanted and how they were going to achieve it and you know what they did it.
Now, I am here to tell you that you can too make your dreams come true. As long as, you are willing to close examine your actions and are honest with yourself.
Remember for every cause there is an effect!
Kenia Morales

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