title:There Is A Magic Technique To Change Your Life, Admits Authors

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author:Neil Millar
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:18

Do you feel like your stuck?
No matter what you do, you don’t seem to be able to move on. The doors to advancement at work seem to close, money remains tight and relationships get to the same place and fail.
You might not have noticed it, but day-to-day life, and things you’re going through have become a bit a vicious circle… or a hamster wheel! Round and round you go, same day, same issues over and over. But there is something you should know about the hamster wheel.
If the wheel makes you feel uncomfortable, or sick – like not wanting to go into work, feeling stressed, depressed or lethargic then you need to get off the wheel. And I know you might have tried already and feel fed up with trying, but I have a new idea that won’t take you much effort.
Play with me a moment. I want to suggest to you that you are stuck where you are in life because of one thing.
Think about it. You created everything in your life. You chose your job, therefore determining the amount of money you earn which dictates both the location and type of home you live in.
You choose your diet and fitness routine which governs your weight and the length of time you have to live.
You choose your relationship – either the type of person you can settle down with or in a few months, use to repeat a cycle of behaviour.
All it takes to change things in your life is one thing. That thing is not a big thing. In fact it is very subtle.
It sits behind every word you speak and every action you take. It flickers like magnetic beacon attracting and repelling people, situations, possibilities, hopes and dreams. And in order to change you life you must change it.
It is your thoughts.
That is the magic – your thoughts.
What you’ve created for yourself – with your hamster wheel! – is almost like a caged existence. And you will keep yourself penned in until you decide to change your thoughts.
My advice to you is to first acknowledge the situation you are in now. Look at what you gain from being where you are in life. Then think about what you would like and match your dreams with thoughts. This is the process I had to go through when changing from being overweight and without a penny to becoming a published author.

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