title:The Use of Competition

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author:Lay Vicheka
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

To start with, I dare to say that this booming and diverse world is the product of traditional and modern-time competitions. Imagine how our world has been nurtured from the State of Nothingness to the today’s Always-Possible Potentiality.
I do stand against the Communist country where free and fair competition is not allowed; consequently, undeveloped mentality is just crazing amongst their stigmatized citizens.
The sole purpose of this article is not to support another interstate war, but single-mindedly to reveal the positively mental repercussions brought by the wars.
What the world after the Second World War look like? One thing that I do claim as the positive aftermath of the Second World War is “academic education.” Of course, we have academic education (education beyond high school) since before Plato time, but its subject ranges were just not as diverse as after the Second World War.
Diplomacy, International Relations, Political Analysis, War History, Public Policy, International Transaction, International Law, Information Technology, Legal Analysis, Studies of International Organizations, etc were just met their callings after the Second World War. This is the use of competition: diversity and innovation.
In the warlike situation, people seem to be very sacrificed and committed to excellence. They think of the way to meet betterments: creativity and innovation initiative, mentally industrious: a path to unsinkable success, sacrifice anything even their lives to reach their aspiration: human courage and national interest is always stand on the top agenda of the International Relations.
For this time, I have just thought of five human tenants that the war has brought into this human world: diversity, creativity and innovation, mental industry, courage and patriotism.
Again and again, I do not support another weaponry war, but I unconditional and to any extent, support and will do anything to sustain the “mentality war.”
So what does my “mentality war” mean? To its very simplistic, it refers to the deployment of mental, heartfelt, mindset and individual intellectuality as the only abstract weapons and ammunition to fight in this non-boundary world.
To its very ends, I do support “mentality war”, because it is the tool to the fullest, in other words, enlightened potential that material weapons will never produce.
Lay Vicheka’s quote on competition: “think of everyday as the mentality war and industriously fight with your mental strength, until you final brain tissue torn out”


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