title:The Truth About Luck and How To Get It

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author:Rasheed Ali
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I spoke to a close friend today and he said something that greatly disturbed me. Okay it made me so upset I had to write this while thinking, “What the F@#K?!”
I was looking at a catalogue of upcoming seminars given by some VERY famous and successful people.
I called one of my best friends and asked him if he wanted to go. His answer, to say the least Pissed Me Off!
He said, “Oh, I’m not gonna’ waste my money on that seminar, that guy just got lucky. Dude, some people just get lucky!” Well, why did he have to go and say that to ME of all people???
I said, “Listen Bro, I came from being a homeless runaway to pretty successful AND I’m marrying the girl of my dreams!” Am I lucky? Nope, I’ve earned everything I own and have. I’m no millionaire but I WILL be.
The person he didn’t want to go see at the seminar is a VERY successful, famous, multi-millionaire entrepreneur. In addition to that the fee was pennies in comparison to the opportunity to meet and speak to this man. When I say pennies, I mean that people spend more on a pair of jeans!
So, what IS the truth about luck?
The truth is that luck is not a random event and it can be proven many different ways. Many very successful entrepreneurs may say that they were lucky but, they as well as I, know better.
What many call luck is really what I call a statistical occurrence that only happens after a specific action is taken. This action may not have been a calculated decision but it is an action towards a desired result.
I recently wrote about this in an article called How Thoughts Creates Matter that mentions how “Luck Like” things tend to happen when people take action towards a specific goal or objective.
Even Lottery winners are not lucky. They took a specific action in choosing or not choosing the numbers on their ticket and then purchasing it. Their prize is a statistical occurrence. Nothing more or nothing less.
The real truth of the matter is that most people get so caught up in their own distaste for their own “self determined” situation that they believe that there is some unanswerable reason for the success of others.
Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882)
I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. Thomas Jefferson
To get “Lucky” here’s what you should do.
Decide what you want, create a plan to get it and then DO IT!
Once you keep at it for a while success, Ahem, I mean Luck will occur. Not only that but Uhhh, Luck will begin to snowball in your favor!
Then and only then my friend, you will have the privilege of being called a “Lucky” person who “Just Got plain Lucky!”
Copyright 2005 Rasheed Ali


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