title:The True Definition Of Morals

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author:Kenia Morales
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

Morals! This is an interesting subject; I know you must be thinking Kenia would you define morals. I believe that morals are rules that society itself has established and follows. Morals values are indeed very useful. They can help a person distinguish right from wrong or negative behavior that can hurt others whether emotionally or physically. Some examples of these rules are “is not okay to cheat on the husband or wife” or “not taking the life of another person” etc.
However, moral values are sometimes used to judge others. I believe that we have all gone thru situations where our actions or decisions are seen as immoral to others or for society in general. The problem with morals is that it differs from person to person and not only that, moral values may change for the convenience or necessity of a person at any given time. What do I mean by this? Let’s say a hard working family man believes stealing is wrong. But, one day he loses his job and has no money to buy them food. No one would loan him money or give him food. So, he makes the hard decision to steal food from the grocery store in order to feed his family. Another person that learns about his behaviors thinks how immoral or wrongful the man’s actions are. While the once hard working man that now steals is concerned with feeding his children and believe that his reason for stealing is justifiable.
We all have our beliefs and values based on our own background, culture, experiences, etc. And in my opinion this is okay. However, let’s not be too fast or harsh when judging others. Imagine what it would be like to walk down their spine and if you cannot picture it, it is okay! But let’s be respectful and understanding with one another.

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