The Six ‘C’s’ to a Successful Mindset

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author:Therese Skelley
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Have you ever had that experience where you know what you should do but just can’t? It’s like something’s blocking you. You may not be able to even understand it, but you feel it – like an anchor. Now imagine that this block is costing you tons of money!
That was Shawn’s story. She had a record breaking month for herself- earning over $16k in commission, but she had let her pipe line ‘dry up.’
You see, Shawn wasn’t following up. Through coaching we discovered that Shawn could connect with people and start the relationship, but dropped the ball there. She had a large number of potential prospects who had wanted to buy, but for whatever reason, didn’t.
‘This is going to be easy,- I thought to myself…there are so many creative ways to let potential clients know that you are thinking about them, that I just knew Shawn would be successful.
What I didn’t plan on was Shawn bumping into her ‘stuff.’ As I began pushing Shawn into action, her old beliefs, her faulty psychology, and a flood of feelings emerged. Tearfully, she said to me, ‘Therese..I never follow up. I never even stay connected in my friendships. It’s a pattern I’ve struggled with my whole life.’ Here was a very powerful professional woman crumbling as she admitted this deeply held secret.
We get really busy doing every thing that we think has to be done and we end up creating a job for ourselves where we work more, make less and have more stress than ever before.
Wow. I see many brilliant business owners eventually run into the end of their competency, or even stop believing in themselves when they hit this wall. You can have the best business and marketing plan, have awesome sales skills, but if you don’t take care of the ‘inner game,’ you will struggle to get ahead.
Do you have an area of your life/business where you aren’t as successful as you know you can be? Have you noticed a ‘stop- start’ pattern for yourself? Do you know how prosperous you should be based on your potential, but haven’t seen it yet?
The answer lives in what I call, ‘The Six ‘C’s’ to a Successful Mindset!’ (And successful living too…)
CLUES: Where are the clues that you may be hitting some old ideas or limiting beliefs where it comes to your success? Do you find places in your life are you not as productive as you’d like to be? If you were to ask others where you get stuck, what would they say?
CLARITY: Once you find the places that aren’t working, get clear on how this is impacting your business. Are you losing money, wasting time, or struggling with some self esteem issues? Tell yourself the truth so you can move forward. With Shawn, it initially seemed like there wasn’t enough of a follow up system in place. Looking at that more closely allowed us to identify the CAUSE of the problem. Clarity about the real issue will allow you to make changes.
CHALLENGE: Is it true? That’s the most powerful question you can ask here. You have to challenge the erroneous belief or idea. In Shawn’s case her belief was that she was unable to sustain relationships. We looked at the exceptions in her life and that gave her a more realistic view of who she is. How can you challenge the ideas that are keeping you stuck?’
COMBAT: Here’s where the work takes place. You have to do the thing you have been holding yourself back from. You may have heard the expression, ‘The only way out is through.’ Victory will come as you combat your fears by moving into action. So if you are a little bit reluctant in making those sales calls, all the preparation in the world will not get you the results that picking up the phone and making 60 calls will. It may be comforting to know that ‘you can’t feel your way into acting differently, but you can act your way into feeling differently.’ It gets easier! As Shawn proceeds with her tasks of reconnecting and begins to have good results, she’ll no longer believe that she’s a person who can’t sustain relationships. Then the follow up will be easy for her, and she’ll blow way past that $17K month.
COMMIT: Who will help you keep your commitment? It’s pretty common to want to squirm out of the things that make us uncomfortable, so find someone who you can be accountable to. This is one of the main reasons people hire coaches, because creating the environment that insures success is much easier that trying to use will power. Massive success requires self discipline. Who will you call on for support?
CELEBRATE: Look at how far you have come! Remember other times when you were stuck and re-visit the success habits you used to get to the other side.
These Six C’s are meant to assist us in moving through all that holds us back. When we keep our eyes firmly on what it is we want, when we feel the ‘Celebration’ even when we’ve only just begun, then we are on the road to our dreams. And when we recognize the fire breathing dragon of fear is really only blowing smoke, we gain the confidence and purpose to stride powerfully through to our greatest success.

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