The Science Of Getting Rich

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author:Sharifah Hardie
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Hello, my name is Sharifah Hardie and I have just made it MY mission in life to help YOU change your life. Did you recognize my name? Don*t know where you heard it? Most likely from one of my many websites, articles, business ventures or even from my brief acting career. I*ve had an online presence since my first website in 1997.
If you do a google search for my name you*d find pages and pages of my articles, sites, testimonials and experiences and the one thing you*d learn is that all of the programs you*re trying now I*ve tried. So I want to try and save you some time and money.
I have published such articles as:

The Barter System – Overlooked and Underrated
9 Successful Online Business Must Haves
Is Your Business Failing Because of You?

These articles are still being read. They are still available on many of your top websites including:,,
Now that I*ve given you my background let me tell you what happened to me. After creating yet another website and receiving what many people would consider some level of success I realized that the hundreds of dollars per month, I was making from my home based sites was not making me happy. Yes, I said hundreds of dollars. So I decided to sale two of my websites receiving thousands of dollars Yes, I said thousands of dollars.
How many people you know would have just been happy with the hundreds of dollars per month and the thousands of dollars in the bank from the sale of the sites? But not me, I knew there had to be something more out there. So I took some time off, rested, relaxed, concentrated on raising my children and waited for my next move to arrive. Finally it did.
A friend of mine gave me an incredible book, *The Science of Getting Rich.* When I read it and actually began to practice the principles in the book my life changed immediately. I was invited to assist in starting a company with three other people. That company has become amazingly successful and with the package the company setup for me I will retire by 40. I now live a life I was sure all of my business ventures would bring me!
In fulfillment of my life long dream of being a motivational speaker I am able to motivate others to change their lives and I want to do the same for you. It*s no accident you*ve come across this article now. You can change your life using the principles I learned in The Science of Getting Rich. I invite you to download this FREE ebook in return for two things: 1) when you read the book and your life changes (and it will) that you email me and tell me your story. I just LOVE to hear success stories and 2) that you pay it forward and send everyone you know the link to the ebook. That*s it! I can*t wait to hear from you!

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