The Power Of The Thoughts

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Our life is a mirror on our thoughts
If we turn back, you may notice that same negative thoughts that we have seen in the past narrow our presence. The way we think for yourself, how we look our self, reflects on the material world. If you believe in your abilities your talents, you will reach great success. Doubting in our self, considering ourselves more valuable than the other people, so as will be!
It’s important to understand that a big part of our life now is a reflection of our thoughts. We can’t understand the circumstances, but we can choose on what we’ll focus, on what we’ll think. Our oblivious thoughts with a little time became conscious thoughts, in other way our beliefs and conviction. Later they manifest in our daily life through the activities we do, which are based on our beliefs on how the world is functioning. If we understand this, we are going to ask ourselves, why we still need to stay on our attitude, when we know that they are the result on our life the way it is. Or why we need to live a life based on some other assurance?
Ralph Emerson – one of the most cited authors today on the area of psychology of motivation and self evolution says that: “We stay on that on what we think the most”.
Luisa Hey – author of “How to heal your life”, it explains this principle and says: “If we knew how much the influence of our thoughts is, we’ll never allow having negative thoughts”.
It’s time now to make a decision to change our thoughts in relation with those aspects of life with we have problems. Our changed thoughts step by step will change our beliefs, the daily activities we do, the habits and finally our life.
Inner dialog
We cannot omit the importance of the inner dialog. The way when we talk ourselves are the most valuable messages in the world. If we said to our self that we are stupid, or fat, or poor, or ugly, these messages in a period of continuous repetition, they will take roots in our subconciousness and will form a picture of how and what we are. So you will function in the world from a position of that king of way. The picture we represent to our self is the same we represent to the others. The reason of creating a bad picture is based on the critics from the nearest surrounding in the childhood (parents, teachers, and friends) and other various attributes in which the environment may impose.
In the childhood it was almost impossible to oppose on that impact. But now as adults, we must understand that we have the power to comprehend and overwhelm those unimportant conceptions and persuasion and to turn them into functional and normal. If today we are victims on some difficulties, it’s always result of the wrong thoughts and the wrong questions we ask our selves.
We should start learning how to ask question in the right manner. For example, instead of asking our self: “Why I’m so fat”? We should ask: “How would I lose weight and enjoy in the process of loosing pounds”? Or instead asking our self: “Why I don’t have enough money”? Ask yourself: “How would I make money and likewise enjoy doing it”?
You need to ask this type of questions in a daily basis and they will open the gates of more opportunities of solving the problems. In that way the focus is directed to the solution, not the problem itself.
Brian Tracy – one of the most prolific authors in this area say: “Life is one survey for attention. The way the attention goes, the heart goes our ability to overthrow the attention from low valuable activities to more valuable activities is of central meaning for all we conquer in our lifes”.
When we focus our attention on something we like, informations are sent to our mind and it start to activate for accomplishment of our goals. Our mind is always on our side, it works for us, it helps us on everything we wish for. But the problem is that the mind can’t make a difference what’s good and what’s bad for us. If we are preoccupied with sicknesses, worries, with fear that something is going to happen that we don’t like to happen (so we are focusing and thinking actively on those thoughts), in that very moment our mind will understand that as it’s duty and it’ll accomplish the one thing we don’t want and fear of. And as much we become more “skillful” doing it, and bring more emotions in that negative perceptions, than it’s faster and easier we come up to the opposite of we have been wanting. Therefore it’s very necessarily to focus strictly on the target we want, on the change we want to happen and all thoughts of strive, all negative anticipations. We need to rejec!
t all those manifests and change those with new ones in the very moment of their emerging. We must change them with positive thoughts which go in direction of accomplishment of our wishes.
For all this it’s important to have a discipline, power of will, which will help us identify the negative thoughts and right now to react putting them aside and change then with new ones.
There is always a choice
We have a choice where to direct out thoughts, even if it’s a matter of illness, we have a choice. We can think and speak all the time about the symptoms, we can self-pity of the pain we feel and fear of our condition not to get worst, in a word we are totally focusing of the sickness we have. The other alternative is to think and deliberate for that what we really like, to recover ourselves. To think about the possibilities of how to contribute for our health, to believe that the condition soon will become much better and that everything is going to be all right. This way we send messages and activate our brain that we want to recover our illness and that we want to find the best solution in order to realize this. Remember, the minds are always on our side.
A lot of people their negative thoughts and expectations in relation with the outcome of some situation, are trying to justify with the hope, not to be surprised unpleasantly if the result is not what they expected. In a word, to be prepared for the worst. But where is the purport here? What’s the point of tormenting ourselves twice? First ahead, when we are experiencing the negative outcome, and the second time, when it’s going to really happen (if it’s going to happen)! No, the brain doesn’t work that way. If we concentrate on the negative aspect of the problem, it’s very likely that it it’s going to be that way. But if we focus on the positive side, we are probably going to avoid the worries and the disadvantages of the outcome. The chances are more likely that the result will be the positive one.
Open your mind for new possibilities and see if something could be different from something what you have known and done. Permit yourself to try something new and decide if it’s going to bring you benefit or not.
Try with the next exercise: Once you wake up tomorrow, before you begin the day, dedicate a few minutes on your thoughts. Repeat yourself the plan for the new day and the things what are you planning to do. For a moment consider them like finished on a most adequate way. Don’t think if something can be done or not, just imagine the outcome for every situation. For every negative glimpse, replace the same with the positive one. You will see that the experience of the forthcoming day it’s going to be more positive, happy and you will be more successful. And that’s just a beginning, the change is just begun.

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