The Power of the Spoken Word

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The pen is mightier than the sword, says an adage. But most people do not
know that when written words become spoken words, they explode like
firecrackers! If books speak volumes, speeches fire up entire lives.

There are three kinds of words: the written, the meditated, and the spoken.

Written words inform and give full spectrum of probabilities about a topic
or event. Meditated words have the potential to bring out explosive ideas.
But when both the written and meditated words are verbalized, the result
is tremendous, to say the least. Spoken words are fired from the barrel of
a gun (the mouth), through a triggering mechanism (our tongue). When used
effectively, words are like bullets that hit targets accurately and leave
an indelible mark.

Speaking is a very unique technique of conveying messages. It involves
body and soul. It can create a visual drama with live emotions and
gestures that put life into the message like no written or meditated
messages can achieve. In speaking, you really become the message rather
than the words you speak. Thus, entire multitudes can go berserk in public
with a moving speech.

It pays to learn how to speak with fire or have a flowery tongue. The
power of the spoken word is insurmountable. Entire nations have been
either united or divided by one dominant leader who spoke winningly of a
cause. Abe Lincoln spoke and persuaded divided Americans to unite, and
this was before modern sound systems and media were used.

Vladimir Lenin, on the other hand, spoke with fire to sway Russian
peasants and workers to bolt away from Czar Rule, and even called on the
Proletariat or working class of other nations to a similar action.

You can also wield this powerful tool of speaking very credibly to an
individual or crowd by just learning and practicing the chief points of
public speaking. You may be amazed that steps to potent public speaking
skills are very simple and easy, yet practicing them is crucial.
Delivering the spoken word with power is a science and an art that
requires diligence.

Power is gained through mastery. Powerful leaders since ancient
civilizations have mastered the ways of the spoken word handed down to
them by their forerunners. And if you desire to attain the power of the
spoken word, you have to persistently practice your skills in public

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