The Power of a Clear Intention

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author:Kinney Dancair
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Humans are born into this world with their work already in them. Imagine there is something like DNA with you that has the message of your purpose in this world encoded inside of it. There are several scientific theories about how and where a person’s purpose is actually encoded; however, suffice it to say that in whatever form a person wishes to imagine, the purpose of his life is in fact encoded into his personality. A child can sense–though she may not know exactly how to decode it–her purpose from early in life.
The great luminaries of human society clearly understand what the creative forces put them here to contribute. The mediocre members of human society, on the other hand, never decipher the purpose code. Of course, purpose is more than a job or a career; purpose is more than some specific role like father or mother. For many people, however, the most difficult piece of their purpose to decipher is the one called career.
So, maybe you want to start a business from home; maybe you want to harness internet traffic to highlight some cause in which you believe; whatever your hope, it starts with aligning yourself with your inner purpose. Once you have aligned–even slightly more than now–with your purpose you will begin to see amazing coincidences start to happen that appear to be designed with your well-being in mind. Perhaps some internet advertising company will arrive to show you how to make money doing the type of vocation that is to you a vacation; perhaps an investor will fall into your lap for a business idea upon which you have been working. The bottom line is that once you begin to align yourself with your divine purpose, you will find the generosity of the universe becomes open to you. This is because the universe that made you did so with the intention of increasing well-being.
The difficulty of decoding purpose is only enhanced for people who have talents of a creative nature. A friend of the author has been struggling for years to decide what his career should be. He has tried starting a business and failed. He has tried working up the ladder of a corporation and failed. It appears that he has tried everything he can think of except for the obvious: creative enterprise. He knows his talents are in creative enterprise–specifically acting–but he continuously doubts that his ability is strong enough to sustain a paying career in the field he loves. The sad result of his self-doubt is that he has wasted his money, credit, and dignity on one poor fit after another. He believes he is a failure when in actuality he is merely being taught by life the one difficult fact of success: follow your talent.
Joseph Campbell–the popular academic–used say “follow your bliss,” but director George Lucas revised that advice to “follow your talent” in an interview with Charlie Rose last spring (2005). He told the story of his haphazard fall into moviemaking. He didn’t really know what he was getting into, but after he started doing it, he found he was as good as the best and better than most. The result of his choice to follow his talent has made him one of the richest directors in Hollywood history and has made our country and world richer for his having been here. Isn’t that the kind of legacy everyone is after? Of course, not everyone is meant to be a superstar director like George Lucas, but why can’t everyone be the very best that is in them to be? The answer of course is that they can if they choose to follow their talent.
So, you are one of the people who has been cursed–as you may see it now–with artistic talents, but with few talents for more practical roads. What do you do next? For certain, do not attempt to build the city of your life around the oasis of someone else’s purpose because if you do, that luxuriant oasis will ultimately reveal itself to be nothing more than a mirage.
The first affirmative step you can take is to embrace your purpose and set a clear intention to fulfill it. While it can’t be proven that every person who has ever set a clear intention got what they were after, it can be shown–empirically mind you–that no real success has been wrought from uncertain intentions. While George Lucas may not have known that film was where his talent lay in the beginning, once he learned the talent was there, he pursued it from then on by choice, not by accident. The list of luminaries who prove this rule is indefinably long.
Any namable success can be shown to have followed this first rule: clear intention. Any exception you think you can name ends up upon further investigation to be a fluke rather than a success. Flukes are not happy or content people, successes–in the area of their success at least–are happy and content. So it is with you. The nature of happiness is that all of the doors lying before the path look like labrynths, mirrors, and gargoyles, but once happiness has boldly been committed to, those foul looking centurions reveal themselves to be friends and allies.

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