The ONLY Secret To Success

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author:Elena Solomon
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There is only one secret to success in life, and it’s NOT what you think it is.
It is NOT:
– Hard work;
– Persistence;
– Attitude;
– Confidence;
– Focus;
– Positive thinking;
– Trying lots of things and keeping what works;
– Finding what you love doing and becoming good at it.
– It’s none of the above!
Although all of those things are important, the one and the only secret to success in life is much simpler.
I am about to tell you what it is.
Here we go:
To become truly successful in life, you must STOP doing what you don’t like doing.
Think about it: you can do something that you are good at, and even become reasonably successful at it. But if you don’t like doing it, are you truly successful?
With enough hard work you can become financially secure and well off. But if you don’t like doing what you are doing, is it really worth it?
You can find what you love doing and become good at it. But if your life is full of other things that you *hate* doing, are you truly, ultimately successful?
Now, look at this definition:
Success is when you don’t do anything you don’t like doing.
What does it mean?
It means that your life is a continuous experience of joy and pleasure. When you don’t do ANYTHING that you don’t like doing, it means you enjoy EVERYTHING that you do.
Now, tell me if there can be a better way of living the life of happiness than only doing the things that you enjoy and never having the need to do anything you don’t like.
You can tell me that it is impossible to never do the things you don’t like: who will wash the dishes and clean the house?
But that’s exactly what it’s all about: if you don’t like doing those things, you CAN arrange the world in such a way that somebody else will do the things you don’t like doing. You simply PAY them for doing that.
So, the only secret to success is still about money?
It’s about DIRECTION.
It gives you clarity on what success really means.
Not success in general – your own, personal success.
The one and only secret to your one and only success.
You own it now.
“The less there are things in your life that you don’t like doing, the more successful you are.”
Now you know.
You can look at the things in your life that you are doing and see how you can sort it out in such a way that you don’t have to do anything you don’t like. There IS a way. You must just think HOW.
It may take a bit of time. But you know what… Time is all we truly own in this life. We come to this world naked and leave it with nothing. Our time on this Earth is what we call, LIFE.
It is worth spending some time having the most of your time filled by only those things you LOVE, isn’t it?
Your success is waiting for you.

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