The Myth of Time Management

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author:Amy Scott Grant
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

Time Management is a myth. You can’t manage time any more than you can manage the rising and setting sun or the pull of the ocean’s tides. Attempting to manage time is like attempting to manage the weather. Time marches on, with utter disregard for the comings and goings of mere humans. Time can not be managed, period.
You can only manage what you can control. While it’s true that time cannot be managed, it is possible to manage yourself within the confines of time. With discipline and diligence, any person can effectively manage him/herself within time’s boundaries.
Where Does It All Go?
The simplest way to begin to manage yourself within time is to evaluate how your time is currently spent. Keep a journal for one to two weeks, and mark down each activity (or lack thereof) to discover where your time goes. Group like activities into categories, and evaluate whether too much time is spent in a certain area. Consider which activities are productive and lead you closer to your goals, or further away from your goals.
By evaluating how time is spent, you will be able to see what activities can be trimmed or streamlined in order to create the illusion of more time. It’s impossible to create more time—each of us has only 60 seconds in each minute, 60 minutes in each hour and 24 hours in each day. By improving the way in which you spend your time, you are able to feel as though you have more time during the day. This simple shift in thinking can create a remarkably empowering experience.
To decrease your frustration about time (or lack thereof), watch your language while referring to time and time-related matters. Avoid phrases like “I need more time,” “I don’t have enough time,” and “I’m running out of time.” When you use phrases like these, you are fooling yourself into thinking it’s Time’s fault instead of taking responsibility for how you choose to spend your time. Time is a fixed measurement and it’s not Time’s fault if you don’t manage it correctly. Remember, YOU are in control of how you spend your time.
How Much Time Have You Got?
Each of us is born with a finite amount of time on this earth. Unfortunately, no one alive can know the exact amount of time allotted for him or her. Would you live your life differently if you knew you were going to die 27 days from now? If you answered yes, you’ve got some room for improvement in the way you currently manage yourself within time. Get busy doing what really matters to you and remember that you are in control of how you choose to spend each minute of each day.

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