The Master Manifester!

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author:Jo Ball
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I’ve been focusing a lot on manifestation lately after I read Neil Millar’s soon to be published book From Man To God. What I discovered is that I’m already a master of manifestation – as are you!
Let me explain.
We are all manifestors. We can’t help it. By your very nature you manifest. For us not to manifest, it would be like a blade of grass not growing. ‘But’ you might say ‘I haven’t manifested all the money I want or the big house that I want or the fantastic relationship I want’. If this is true then there is a reason for this.
The key is in your thoughts and your feelings. They manifest exactly.
Let me give you a couple of examples. Loosing a few pounds in weight is an issue close to a lot of our hearts. You might say to yourself ‘I want to be 9 stone’. That’s when other thoughts kick in. ‘I’m 10 stone and it’s so difficult and I’ve tried lots of times before and I’m going to find it really difficult to give up chocolate and -.’ Another example is money. If you want money and then a bill comes in and you notice all the things you’d love to buy but can’t. Look at the thoughts you’ve had there. They’ve been focusing on the negative: scarcity, lack, the where you are now.
Consider an athlete for a moment. They will see themselves winning, they run the race in their mind over and over. They see themselves up on the 1st place podium and celebrating afterwards. So by the time they actually come to run it their mind has already won the race and it’s the actual experience is familiar to them. They focus their attention on what they intend to create rather than on where they are now.
You and I, are already perfect at manifesting. And if life is not exactly how you want it to be you are most certainly focussing on the wrong things.
Here is something for you to think over.
Think about all you have manifested in your life. Accept things as simply the way they are. You want to avoid any blame, guilt or anything else you don’t want to manifest – after all you now know you get what reflects most of your thoughts and feelings.
Take time now to think about all you have manifested in your life.
Now imagine what you intend to create. Enjoy the feeling of imagining having all you desire. The only other thing to do is to begin to live as though you have it.
Think of some phrases or words you can use like ‘I intend to – ‘ rather than saying what you haven’t yet got.
All that remains is for you to – live it! Of course if you are in debt and intend to have a million I don’t recommend going out and spending lots of money, but imagine you have it all stashed under your mattress or that you’re taking bucket loads of change to the bank to be exchanged into large notes because they are easier to carry!
So I’m off now to make myself a hot drink. To get to the kitchen I imagine I’ll have to wade through a million bank notes! Oh what fun!
Jo Ball
Unstoppable Life

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