The Leader Within

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author:John Giagkiozis
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:18

Each and every one of you has hidden deep inside a different person a person that is robust insightful originative, a person that you have forgotten that it ever existed. No matter what you believe that person lies within you, waiting for its awakening call.
You might have heard this before in fact you might have heard it so many times that it seems like a hollow statement a statement that is said to cover up a failure a statement to comfort you just like fairytales do.
Ill tell a secret, people shy away from this person because of their fear. They fear that if they admit that they really do have the power to change their lives and the lives of others they will have to do something about it. Also they dont like to feel responsible about the mess they are in.
There is one good thing about the past, it is in the Past. Dont make it your present and future.
The things you have to do in order to unleash the leader that is hidden inside you are simple.
Shift your focus, you should focus on what other people need not what you need and you will see that your needs will be met beyond any expectation.
There is a paradox in every corner of life and I think that this is her way of teaching us that happiness and perfection are not found in absolutes but in balance.
Your Friend,
John Giagkiozis

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