The IDEAL Problem Solver

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author:Ke o agile Khiba
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:18

The IDEAL Problem Solver is an effective tool you can use to attack your problems. If you are used to getting on your horse and riding in all directions when faced with a problem, you may find the IDEAL Problem Solver quite handy. How do you use it?
IDEAL stands for:

Identify the problem and explain how it can be an opportunity
Define at least three different goals for your problem-solving task
Eplore possible strategies and new information that could help ou accomplish each of the important goals
Anticipate the outcomes (positive and negative) of different strategies to help you decide which ones you will act on
Look back and learn (after acting on your strategies, what did you notive about the problem you identified

An area I found IDEAL ideal (this is no double-speak!) is in evaluating arguments and ideologies. When you hear an argument, IDEAL(ise) it:

identfy a problem with it
definte the goal of your criticism
explore various strategies for verifying evidence presented
anticipate the outcome of certain strategies and act on those that seem most promising
look at the effects

One last thing you can do with this alphabet soup is to critically evaluate arguments. Here’s how:

focus on factual accuracy
is the reasoning logical and consistent question the underlying assumptions

It would be helpful if you could try to use the IDEAL Problem Solver in different situations for some time to experience its full impact.

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