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author:Onaefe Umenu Edebi
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:18

So much we look up to higher places for help and encouragement. We all want someone who comes to us when we fall, when we are down. Someone to hold on to.But this hero is not always there, and as a thought “an angel has broken my heart”.
But there’s a hero, who’s always there ion joy, sadness, laughter and pain.Always there, he comes through for me.It’s funny, when within me, I say “I don’t see my hero”, because though I may not see Him, I know He is there. Like an angel, He watches over me.
But you know what? We all have that hero. He is available to all of us- including you. We see Him, on the dawn of each new day;when we lookthrough the image in the mirror. Even at night when we lay our head to sleep, our heo is always there; forgetting the past , concentrating on the present and seeing a bright future.
It’s really simple.
“The Hero Lies in You”

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