The Great Reframe: Musings Using Randall, Rebecca And The Apprentice

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author:Kristine Carey & Leslie Gebhart, The Lifestyle Catalysts
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:19

Do you hear the word, “ruthless” during your daily
activities in the last few days? That’s the word being
tossed about as folks discuss Randall’s choice on live
television Thursday night.

As coaches we work with intelligent, well traveled clients
who keep tabs on current events. Even the frivolous ones
such as the TV show, The Apprentice. The recent concluding
segment which resulted in hiring the 4th apprentice provoked
discussions among our active, goal-workshop attendees
wondering about the apparent conflict when chosen Randall
said, “No” to the option to hire Rebecca that same night.
Wow. What a surprise….especially when reviewing Donald
Trump’s original question which was, “Randall, if you were
me, would you hire Rebecca also?” “If you were me” is the
key phrase uttered by this successful, competent, wealthy
business entrepreneur. Taking the lessons from wherever
they come, i.e. taking the coaching, it’s interesting to
note the different observations as Rebecca, Donald Trump and
Randall concluded the interview process.

As coaches we ask our clients to learn from many different
areas and to hold a higher vision for themselves. This
particular show is a way of observing how young, competent,
creative minds, organize in an intense business situation.
Whether relaxing at the spa or planning their next strategy,
the contestants use their talents and innate intelligence to
accomplish tasks and impress the Trump organization.

The coaches chime in:
Would you have said, “Yes” to the Rebecca question? “Of
course”, says Leslie, the coach…the question was “…if you
were me”. It seems logical to add a very competent, earnest
& ethical woman to the mix. And, how delightful to do it
that same night! Coach Kris points out that Rebecca showed
grace and creativity under pressure. Her “can do” attitude
prevailed even in the face of obstacles such as the broken
leg. You’ve got to admirer her for that and more.

You saw both Randall and Rebecca take a stand for
•How do you take a stand for yourself?
•How clear are you? Randall was clear and his decision came
with ease. Rebecca maintained her composure and remained
professional. Clarity can be a tremendous guiding force.
•You are an intelligent reader, how do you see it?

We are reminded of the wisdom below:
“…live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then,
someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even
noticing it, live your way into the answer.” Quotes our
wise advisor, Rainer Maria Rilke.

What do you notice as a result of these musings about The
Apprentice? How might you use these examples to do
something different? What change are you ready to make?
Harnessing your own courage from examples such as these, you
can support yourself into the well-lived life your desire.
Go for it!


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