Tips on How to Maintain Sterling Silver European Beads Jewelry

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The sterling silver European beads refer to beads containing not less than 92.5 percent of pure silver with the remaining 7.5 percent being made of other metals. Fine silver or pure silver is well reputed for being malleable and very soft and it can be damaged easily especially when not properly maintained. For this reason, silver wholesale European beads are mixed together with other metals, mostly copper to enhance their strength and durability. Even though the 7.5 percent can be made of any metal, copper has nevertheless proved to be the best option as it enhances the hardness of silver without any undesirable negative effects.

Cleaning tips

If you take good care of your sterling silver European beads jewelry, your jewelry pieces will last a lifetime. In order to ensure that your expensive silver jewelry doesn’t sustain any scratches and damages, make sure that it is stored in a separate compartment in your jewelry box. Also avoid exposing your sliver wholesale European beads to harsh chemicals especially when you are cleaning your house with ammonia or bleach. When you are swimming in chlorinated water, it is a wise idea that you remove your sterling silver jewelry first. Such chemicals have a high potential of damaging your beautiful and expensive silver.

Storage tips

If you are not using your silver European beads jewelry, it is a wise idea that you keep in a soft cloth pouch and this will help minimize exposure of the jewelry to air. Ideally, sulfur and hydrogen sulfide present in the air makes silver jewelry to tarnish and become dull. When you sport some tarnishing on your jewelry, making sure that you clean it immediately. This is more so when it comes to wholesale European beads as they can cause you a lot of losses if you fail to take good care of them.

Removing tarnish

When cleaning your sterling silver European beads jewelry, make use of a silver polish that is formulated especially to remove tarnish. Many jewelry stores online and specialty craft stores usually sell cloths and solutions that are highly appropriate in the removal of such tarnish. Silver polishing cloth for example can help you in cleaning the beads and it only goes for a cheap price. Make sure that you ask the customer representative at the store to advise you on what you should be using to clean your silver beads in order to have them remain in their best condition possible.

Look for fitness mark

Regardless of how busy you are, make sure that you look at your silver beads regularly to confirm that they are in the best state possible. Any tarnish noticed on wholesale European beads should be removed immediately and the beads shouldn’t be left for too long. This will go a long way in ensuring that your silver beads do not get any permanent damage that can ruin your highly expensive piece of jewelry. Finally, when you are shopping for these silver beads, always make sure that they have a ‘fineness’ mark. 

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