Tim Tialdo’s Positive Self-Talk

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For any self-improvement concept to work effectively, it needs to be simple, easy to use, and when put into practice it MUST show results. This video is filled with words and phrases from Shad Helmstetters book; "What to Say When you Talk To Yourself." The words will train your subconscious mind to get rid of the old, negative trash and replace it with new, positive thoughts. All you need to do is listen to it as often as possible. For the most effective results, listen to this once in the morning and once in the evening.

Regardless of the time of day, two times each day should be VERY effective in changing your thought process. Remember, as motivational speaker Les Brown often says, faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing!

Remember, your old self-talk is likely a negative habit, and in the first day or two, it will show its ugly head and tell you this stuff is a bunch of nonsense. But by knowing what to expect and by continuing to listen, you will begin to override those thoughts.

By replacing your earlier negative self-talk with new, positive commands, you're activating healthy, productive chemical and electrical control centers in your brain, which will automatically work for you instead of against you. When this happens, the new goals you set are more likely be accomplished and achieved

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