Tiffany & Co. Save The Wild (and elephants!)…

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I’ve written a few blogs on here talking about animal charity and fashion brand collaborations. I love animals, all of them, and try hard to do everything I can to help as many charities as possible (I’ve even adopted an elephant through Space For Giants – you can here). 

So when I heard that the high end fashion giant, Net A Porter, and the masters of jewellery, Tiffany & Co., have teamed up with two organisations: Save the Elephants and the Wildlife Conservation Network to support the Elephant Crisis Fund, I couldn’t help but want to talk about it. 


{side note} I know the title of this blog is Hot on the High Street, and Tiffany & Co. is definitely not classed as ‘high street’, but this particular product is helping animals, and so I deemed it entirely appropriate to talk about.

So, Tiffany & Co. will be donating $225 per charm (100% of profits) purchased on NET-A-PORTER.COM between June 2 and September 1, 2017 to the Elephant Crisis Fund. I know the bracelets aren’t cheap, but they are made from 18-karat rose gold, and has a diamond-tipped elephant trunk. TRES CHIC! 


It’s a good cause people! 

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