This Air Jordan 1 Was Made Out of a Chanel Handbag

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We’ve known for an age that master sneaker customizer The Shoe Surgeon is capable of great things, but even for his own lofty standards, this latest effort is ridiculously impressive.

Armed with nothing but a chopped up Chanel bag, the master cobbler has transmogrified the accessories piece into a badass Air Jordan 1. The sneakers upper is primarily composed of quilted black lambskin, with a gilded swoosh and gold Chanel hardware chain completing the opulent look. If ever a sneaker was born to be worn on the feet of 2 Chainz, then this is it.

This being a custom job (and arguably the most decadent ever at that,) there’s no chance of purchasing, but be sure to follow The Shoe Surgeon on Instagram via the link above for more extravagant sneakers.

One shoe that is coppable is the Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Ultra. Find that right here.

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