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The open language project sets out to change the way we communicate with eachother, bridge the diversity gap, and allow us to communicate in our native languages. Master your chosen language one word at a time. Learn fast and efficient without the hassle of a conventional class.

We dream of a world where everyone can communicate, and there is nothing like speaking to someone in their own language! When people want information on any topic, they go to Wikipedia, and we hope that one day soon anytime someone wants to learn a language, they will go to the Open Languages Project. We aim not only to have as many languages as possible, but also the best courses available. We are not here to compete with schools and other courses, but to provide resources to support them.

The 100 most common words in English and many other foreign languages make up about 50% of all written materials, whereas with 1,000 words you approach 90%.We could give you a list, but we know that it is not only the quantity of your vocabulary that matters, but also the quality.

We don’t provide you with random lists of abstract words that are out of context and difficult to remember. We have dedicated writers who take the time to carefully select the most common words and place them into a relevant context, with constant revision so that all the words and sentence structures are effortlessly remembered.

Start with a single word, and through a systematic process that has been created for you, learn to use hundreds of words in sentences and dialogues in as little as a week.

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